Weipa & Western Cape Tourism

About the Western Cape

The Western Cape, centred on Weipa, is a fast-growing remote region on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. It is a vibrant region based on an independent, diverse and sustainable economy that is the hub for commercial and community activities on Cape York.

The WCCC represents a small but growing business sector in the Western Cape, across a broad range of sectors, including mining, engineering and construction, tourism and hospitality, education and the service sector.

The major employers and decision-makers in Weipa – Rio Tinto and the Weipa Town Authority (WTA) – are key partners in the WCCC, as are the three Aboriginal Shires of Mapoon, Napranum and Aurukun, and the Western Cape Communities Trust.

The WCCC has, as the business community’s representative, also actively supported the Mineral Council of Australia and the Commonwealth Government in the development and the subsequent implementation of the Western Cape Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA).

The importance and acknowledgement of the RPA reflects the broader business community and key stakeholders’ involvement which reinforces the long-standing commitment to achieving training, employment and business development opportunities for Indigenous people from the Western Cape Communities. The Chamber maintains the opinion that successful outcomes for Indigenous employment in the region will provide tangible results for the Indigenous employees and their employers. Similarly, Indigenous small business will, like the broader business community, provide long term outcomes for Indigenous people and their communities through the growth of community based economies within those distinct Indigenous communities and the wider Western Cape region.