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The Western Cape Chamber of Commerce is the champion for our region’s business community. Based in Weipa and representing business and industry, large and small.

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Western Cape Chamber of Commerce Western Cape Chamber of Commerce

Western Cape is a vibrant region...

Western Cape is a vibrant region based on an independent, diverse and sustainable economy that is the hub for commercial and community activities on Cape York.

The Western Cape Chamber of Commerce (WCCC) was established to promote and support the region’s business community and take a leading role in the economic development of the Cape York region by encouraging private enterprise, supporting business networks, expanding Indigenous participation in employment and economic development and through its strategic advocacy role to ensure the region receives appropriate levels of services and infrastructure.


Active local members working hard to build the region.

2 Billion

Western Cape contribution to the national economy.


Weipa is 2,471km north west of Brisbane.


People live and work in the Western Cape region.


The WCCC represents a small but growing business sector in the Western Cape.

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The WCCC holds formal meetings every second month and informal meetings every other month. All details on this site.

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Weipa, the Capital of the Cape, is a small but vibrant coastal community with a population of approximately 4,100 and forms part of the Western Cape York Peninsula - an area rich in geographical beauty and cultural heritage.

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