Weipa & Western Cape Tourism

President’s Report – 2013 AGM

Welcome to the AGM of the Western Cape Chamber of Commerce. On behalf of the committee, I am pleased to provide this report to members for 2013. 

The last AGM was held October 17. Membership is 43 compared to 51 last year. We introduced bi-monthly meetings and I believe this has worked well with the intermediate month open for sponsored events.


The chamber has been involved in and driving the following initiatives:

  •  RPA Indigenous Work Skill program including mentoring services for employers
  • Weipa Plan

  • Cape York and TI Plan

  • QLD Plan

  • Bringing government services in where needed

  • Engaging with new and upcoming mining interests

  • Putting forward and advocating for local businesses to get contracts and jobs, and

  • Addressing standing items and issues between and at each meeting

 Opportunities to improve local business engagement and contracts into the mining, tourism and government sectors are not being fully realised and more work needs to be done to change this; particularly with members driving this change to get better outcomes to benefit this region, grow its economy and reduce the FIFO mentality.

 I would also like to thank Rio Tinto Aluminium Weipa for ongoing use of the Chamber offices, and the committee members and Liz Logan for their time and commitment to local industry, businesses, employers and our society at large.


Vance Wallin


Western Cape Chamber of Commerce